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Teresa Wentzler - Angel of Frost by Fusainne
Teresa Wentzler - Angel of Frost
My last - and by far biggest - cross stitch finish of the year: Angel of Frost by the magnificent Teresa Wentzler! It took my more than five months, using 65 colors of DMC (and LOADS of blended threads), blending filament and 7 different Mill Hill Beads. Stitch count is 174H x 142W on 28ct platinum linen - first time stitching on linen, which was a bit scary at first, especially with the over one sections on the face! he border had quite some speciality stitches (satin stitch, wrapped backstitch, lazy daisy) that I had never done before, but I like how they turned out, so I think I did okay. First time doing actual beading as well, and I loved that - there were a lot of beads, and it went much more smoothly than I thought it would be.

As this was a christmas present for my grandma, I couldn't procrastinate with the framing as I usually do. It ended up being a bit crooked as I have no idea yet how to porperly stretch linen (might fix her eventually), and since I couldn't get a nice, sharp picture of the framed picture, I included a unframed version for close up looks as well.

This is also my entry for the :iconstitchingpirates: Myths, Legends and Fairy Tales Contest (how convenient that I had a fitting project on the go, as I wouldn't have had the time to start and finish something new!), and the rules require that I talk a bit about the myth behind the 'creature' shown in the project:
Obviously, this is an angel, and a female one, which isn't quite 'historical': While angels play an important role in Christianity as well as Judaism and Islam, most of the incidents mentioned decribe angels either as young males or some kind of 'genderless' entity. They often appear to warn or inform specific humans of events that are going to happen or of the will of god in some particular matter.
In later history, the believe in angels has somewhat broadened: There is an actual hierachy of angels, with the arch angels Gabriel, Michael, Uriel and Raphael being closest to god. Some also believe in guardians angels, that assist and protect humans in their daily lifes, and in some cultures (including my own) the 'Christkind' (the little child Jesus) brings the gifts to children on christmas eve (and decorated christmas trees as well) - and is assisted in the bringing and making by lots and lots of little angels. Somewhere along this way, female angels got accepted into the canon, and so I think it's quite alright that this pictures shows a female angel strolling through the winter forest - may looking for christmas trees to decorate and bring into children's homes!
Peter Polar  Bear Ornament by Fusainne
Peter Polar Bear Ornament
This was my own ornament that I submitted for the :iconstitchingpirates: Secret Santa event, and it has since safely arrived at the recipient.

The pattern is Peter Polar Bear, a Brooke's Books freebie (…. He's part of an advent calendar series, the only change I made was to not stitch the number (Peter is #2). It was my first ornament like finish, so I did nothing fancy, just red felt for the back, and I think the hanger still came out a bit crooked...looks like I have to practice a bit more :)
Little Lamb by Fusainne
Little Lamb
Another kit I got off ebay - never heard of the brand before, but it was really cheap. Stitching it was a bit strange as it didn't use the usual stranded cotton but rather a really thin cord like stuff, but it was easy to work with after a while. The little hanger was included, and I gave it to a friend of the family for her birthday.
Vervaco - Two Kittens by Fusainne
Vervaco - Two Kittens
I bought this little kit by Vervaco on ebay a while ago and stitched it up for a friend's birthday. Turned out way cuter than I had imagined ^_^
Oven Mitten by Fusainne
Oven Mitten
This is an oven mitten I crocheted for myself earlier this year, using Anchor Magicline. The pattern came free with the first ball of the yarn I bought a few year ago and I have already made a few of them, but this is the first one I get to keep.
Loading... friend :iconmattsma: has been tagged with one of those question-thingies, and since then it has kinda been jumping around between several others of my friend and I've been tagged with the same thing (but different questions) for a total of three times. There are ten rules to follow on this, but I'll do a few cuts because I know how some people hate to be tagged, I'll only answer the questions because I believe it might be fun to do so.


1. - You must post these rules. - check
2. - Each person has to share 10 things about them - check
3. - Answer the 10 questions asked to you and invent 10 questions the people you tag will have to answer.
4. - Choose 10 people and put their icons on your journal
5. - Go to their page to inform them they are tagged
6. - Not something like " you are tagged if you read that"
7. - You have to legitimately tag 10 people
8. - No tag-backs
9. - You can't say that you don't do tags.
10. - YOU MUST MAKE A JOURNAL ENTRY. NO COMMENTS. Unless you're commenting about the actual entry. - check


Ten things about me:

1. For some weird reason, I enjoy doing questionaires like this

2. Despite beeing super busy most of the time, I'm actually super lazy and enjoy staying home all day and sitting in one place for hours.

3. I love technique and computers, but I don't own a smart phone or tablet.

4. I love math and science in general.

5. But I also love all kind of creative stuff, especially crafting and writing.

6. I like my room a little messy, but can't stand it when it gets filthy.

7. I hate calling or wirting mails to people I don't know.

8. I'm a trophy hunter (PlayStation 'achievements').

9. I love lists, especially to do-lists.

10. I like starting stuff. I don't like finishing stuff. But I totally hate having unfinished stuff laying about. (<- this tends to become a problem)

:iconmattsma:'s questions:

1.  What was your first true chocolate moment?
I don't reall know about a moment, but I remember that my mum and I used to share 'I love Milka' nougat pralines when I was really small ^_^

2.  Do you prefer chickens, rabbits or goats?
Chickens and rabbits are delicious, goats and rabbits are super cute and cuddly---two points for rabbits, rabbits win!

3.  What kind of tree would you be?
Probably not a tree but a water reed - I adore fable about the oak and the reed, where the oak makes fun of the reed for bending to every wind while the oak remains unmoved, but than there is a storm and the bendy reed survives and the sturdy oak gets disrooted. And I don't interpret 'bending with the wind' as 'changing one's opinion', but more like 'adjusting to one's surroundings'.

4.  Natural fiber or acrylic/nylon?
Natural fibers; I used to have really sensitive skin and couldn't really wear anything but cotton. It's gotten much better, but the preference remains.

5.  If the apocalypse happened, would you befriend the bums or the hoarders?
Hoarders I guess, because I hoard stuff myself and I do't like moving around that much.

6.  What is your favorite bird feather?
Raven or blackbird (no difference but the size I guess)

7.  Do you prefer noise and chaos or quite and serene?
Quiet and serene, everytime.

8.  How do you feel about macrame?
Okay I admit I had to look that one up...I used to do those friendship-bracelets as a child, and it was fun; might try something like this again some day.

9.  What are your thoughts on composting toilets?
Okay, I long as the 'tank' is not flooded by rain or something?!

10. Cabin, Cob House, Yurt, or Cave?
Probably a Cabin...Cob Houses and Yurts are pretty as well, so I might chose them for about a week or so, but for long term usage, Cabin.

:iconspitfirefae:'s questions:

1. What is your favorite craft/hobby?
Craft: Cross stitching without a doubt, but I love knitting annd crocheting as well. For hobby, it's a close draw between cross stitching, reading and gaming. I love all three of them and if I can't spend at least a few minutes with each of them on a day I tend to feel kinda...incomplete. Reading is probably the oldest of those, so I'd choose that if pressed.

2. Earth, Wind, Fire, or Water?

3. Favorite mythology?
Greek I guess, it's the only one if've spent a considerable time studying. Most of them are a tad to brutal for my taste anyway.

4. Books or Movies?
Books! Or reading a good book and making fun of the movie afterwards ^_^

5. Favorite genre(s) from question #4
Fantasy (High and Urban), Historical (with or without fantasy elements) and SciFi (mostly Star Wars), but there are books in every genre I enjoy.

6. If you could meet any famous person who and why? Past or present
Uhm, that's a tough one...right now I'd say Alan Turing, he was a great pioneer of computer science and treated to badly at his time (mostly for being gay), I'd love to let him know what impact his work would less than fifty years after his death.

7. Wine, beer, or liquor?
Neither, I don't drink alcohol. Virgin cocktail for my, please! ^_^

8. How'd we meet?
:iconstitchingpirates: ^_^

9. What is your favorite type of soup?
Grandma's vegetable soup, yumyum :)

10. What would you do if you won the lottery?
Depends on the sum, but I'd probably be rather boring. Buy a nice house, get a job solely for enjoyment (maybe charity work, or part time, or who knows), donate some, maybe travel a little, stuff like that

:iconkatjakay:'s questions:

1) What type of bed do you prefer?
Uhm...a normal one? Though I'd love to try out a futon, haven't had the chance yet 

2) If you could buy ONE object and one object only for yourself and money was unlimited, what would it be, it has to be selfishly just for you.
Oh boy...I guess it has to be something that really exists (aka no spaceships or something), so I'd probably go for a nice big house...but then that wouldn't be for me alone, so, hm...maybe a really big libraby :D

3) Favorite sport to watch?
I don't thing quidditch will count (although our town does have a team in the German quidditch league :D), so I'll go for soccer (during big tournaments) and sometimes show jumping

4) Favorite sport to play?
I like doing karate, but I think hips aren't cut out for that so I'll have to switch to something else, maybe badminton or ping-pong :(

5) Favorite flavor of a Dairy Queen blizzard
They don't make that hear, but drom what I've seen online I'd love to try Peanut Butter Cup or Cooki Dough

6) Have you ever played the “make a word from a license plate” game, and if so what was the best one you came up with?”
No really (out license plates are much less creative than yours I think), but I do like to look out for ones that already spell funny words on their own

7) Snooker, or 8ball
Uhm...pool? I guess it's somewhat like 8ball but I don't really know about those things

8) What is your most loved stuffed toy
My big lion, I got him when I was maybe seven years old and he still sleeps in my bed every night

9) What is the weirdest place you have found your keys
Even though I tend to loose all kind of stuff, my keys are mostly where they belong :D

10) What is your favorite Disney villain
I don't particularily like any of them, but Frol (Hunchback of Notre Dame) and Ursula have the most awesome songs in my opinon :D
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  • Reading: Walter Moers - City of Dreaming Books
  • Watching: Bones, Haven
  • Playing: FF14, Hunted, Proteus


Artist | Hobbyist | Artisan Crafts
I've been doing crafts for nearly all of my life, but until recently, I only stuck to patterns from books/magazines. Only when I came across the My little Pony-fandom and all the great arts and crafts the sprung from it, I learned how much more fun it is to design your own patterns.
I like stitching, crotcheting, and beadwork, but I'm also eager to try out some new techniques!
I'm also a great fan of games/books/movies, so beware of strange-OT-journals!


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